We imagine solutions for your peace of mind

IMA Italia Assistance

Un Gruppo internazionale che gioca con la maglia della vostra squadra

IMA Italia Assistance is the Italian subsidiary of the French group Inter Mutuelles Assistance. We are currently present in all major countries of the world with our subsidiaries or correspondents. We are a major international company in the service industry providing over 2.2 million assistance claims per year.

Our mission is to give people the peace of mind of living and travelling.

Our vision: a world where people feel free and self-confident because they know they can always count on our support, anywhere and for any unexpected events.


We are a White Label, the only assistance provider not controlled by any insurance group. Thanks to our independence we can work side by side, sharing our customers' strategies and goals.

Whether you are in the Automotive, Insurance or Utilities industry, IMA Italia Assistance will always work in your favour.

Values that inspire us:

we design effective services through advanced technological solutions.

we constantly check our services, providing transparency for all shared information.

we are an international group created in 1981, our network is composed by qualified and highly skilled partners.

our employees work every day to find new solutions, here is why they are our best asset.

we have adopted a Code of ethics and an Anti-corruption Policy that is shared by everyone in the company.