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24H Assistance custom made for you


IMA Italia Assistance provides assistance or insurance coverage to Companies operating in a developed market. We are B2B-oriented to create long-term partnerships increasing the value of your offer. We work closely with you to develop ideas and deliver solutions. If you are thinking of new services or care coverage for your customers, IMA Italia Assistance is the partner you can count on.

What we do: roadside, medical and home assistance, claims management, travel and tourism, travel insurance policies and other services we can create to meet your specific needs.

How we do it: 24/7 operations center, 7 local subsidiary throughout Europe and Morocco, a worldwide network of service providers and facilities.

About us

Gruppo IMA


IMA Group (Inter Mutuelles Assistance) was born from some large French mutual insurance companies in 1981. The group is specialized in 24h Assistance for any kind emergency. With offices in France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, Benelux and Morocco, IMA Group puts its know-how to the service of over 46 million people. In every situation and all over the world, IMA Group provides human and technical support for people, vehicles and home.

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