Professionals working for Assistance

Operational structure

Un Gruppo internazionale che gioca con la maglia della vostra squadra

Assistance is a complex activity. It is about providing services to people who need help as a result of an unforeseen event. Urgency and immediacy are the main features that define assistance, whether it consists in medical care or organizing a towing service.

IMA Italy Assistance operations center is accessible 24/ 7. Our people are qualified and equipped with the most advanced technological tools to deal with any situation. They are selected on language and problem-solving skills basis: we also provide continuous training programs.

The claim call center sets the claim up, providing information about the claim itself, on behalf of insurance companies.

Our extensive network of providers and qualified suppliers make us capable of providing assistance for events of any kind.

Operations center, claim call center and automotive providers generate a virtuous circle for insurance companies. We give help in filling accident reports, collecting photos and information on the vehicle involved in the accident. Our activities are designed to limit abuse or fraud and to optimize the routing of damaged vehicles to the garage. All information and data are available in real time for insurance companies.

IMA Group correspondents abroad guarantee maximum coverage worldwide. Our network allows us to reassure and to assist people in any of the 23 languages we speak on a daily basis.